Welcome Back to The Church Project

Whoever you are, and for whatever reason you’re reading along - welcome! We’re glad you’re here and we hope you find what you read encouraging and maybe even something you would like to be a part of.

Firstly, let us introduce ourselves. We are Simon and Bethany Nixon, we have 3 boys Isaiah, Sonny and Ezra. We have been involved in church leadership for the last 15 years. Simon has spent 12 years as a Youth Pastor and the last 2 ½ years as a Lead Pastor. Bethany is a worship leader and creative visionary. Bethany is also a photographer and is currently studying psychology.

It’s going to sound incredibly cliched, but we love God, we love people and we love the church - but we both express this in very different ways. We have come to a point in our life where we believe it’s time for us to start a new church. So here we are, starting ‘The Church Project’. It’s been a long journey to this point, but we’re excited to be here.

I hear you say that ‘The Church Project’ is kind of a weird name for a church. Right? It probably won’t be the name of the church for ever but for now we wanted to have a name that helps people understand this is a work in progress. We don’t want everything to be sorted out before we start. Our hope is to invite people on a journey with us. A journey where we can ask questions about God and the Bible, and try to discern answers together. A journey where we can together reimagine church and what it means to be part of it. A journey that tries to follow the path of Jesus Christ.

It’s hard to capture exactly what we’re trying to do in one short blog post so I’d love to encourage you to check out the video/podcast that’s coming soon, or even better reach out for a chat. We’d love to talk to you whether you’re interested in being involved or you’d just like to know what we’re up to. We’re ready to drink as much tea and coffee as it takes to talk to everyone who is interested. You can also join our mailing list by clicking on the link, that way we can keep you updated with what’s happening http://eepurl.com/c-6tHb .

So when is this going to happen? In our COVID world everything is a little different. We’re hoping to hold our first event in November (outdoors of course) and then we’d love to start some small groups. If these are things you’re interested in being a part of, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re looking forward to being on this journey with you.

Simon and Bethany