Into the Unknown

Is it ok to use Disney movies to justify huge life decisions?

A few weeks ago we were living in the early days of making the decision to step back into church planting. It was still just ours, we hadn’t shared it with anyone else yet. There were lots of questions held internally and spoken out loud…

“Are we making the right decision? Is the timing right? How are we going to survive financially? What will happen with the church I’m currently pastoring? Will anyone want to be part of a church we plant?”

One night in the middle of all of asking all of these questions, our 4 year old Sonny asked to watch Frozen 2. This is not a normal request in our family (where Bethany is outnumbered by the boys 4:1) but one she was quick to respond to. As we sat there preparing the boys for bed, the ice queen Elsa begins to sing the hit song from the movie - “Into the Unknown”.

I was stunned. In no way was this movie created for me, but I felt like it was speaking specifically to my heart… “it is time to head into the unknown, something good is there”.

So much of life is unknown for everyone at the moment. A global pandemic will do that for you. Last week I was on a plane to Brisbane when the restrictions around who was allowed into the state changed. We don’t know what might change hour to hour, let alone week to week and month to month. We’re getting used to living in the tension of the unknown, and consistently adapting. We hope that the changes we make will be beneficial for everyone’s health and way of life, because if we don’t adapt – we do not survive.

There’s room for the church to change! As matter of fact I believe it’s necessary – we must adapt to survive. Our way of life is different from what it was 50 years, 20 years and even 5 years ago. Sundays can be filled to the brim with work, family, friends, sport and so much more. We know that listening to someone speak for 40 minutes - without the opportunity to ask questions or talk through what they’re hearing - isn’t the way most people learn. We connect socially in different ways. Stages of life look different. So much is changing all around us, and while I can admit that I don’t know what it will look like and I don’t have all the answers, I believe stepping into the unknown allows us to embrace change and to do something really good.

Into the unknown!