Following the God Whisper

You may have heard that we are leaving Narellan Community Congregational Church. It is no small thing to leave a church - and we feel sadness about removing ourselves from a place where we have come to love and respect people, and have been cared for well! But we are listening to the God whispers, and being brought back to a place of surrender.

Surrender is not easy - the path that God takes us is not often wide and easy, but it is the most fulfilling and God-glorifying.

What does this mean? We will be leaving in the next few months, and will take some time to re-calibrate. And THEN, our church planting plans will come back into our focus. God has been whispering words, visions and people into our minds, and we want so desperately to listen well. We'd love to share more with you about this soon - and would so appreciate your prayers. We can trust the author of our story, even if we sometimes can't see how it will all pan out!

Much love,

B xx

"When I trust You, I don't need to understand" - Brooke Ligertwood, New Wine.