When God Directs Your Steps

Well it’s been a while since our last update. Life has been full - trying to keep up with three kids and three jobs. We have been able to take some time away recently, which has given us the opportunity to refresh our hearts and minds, and send out an update - which has been most overdue.

In the previous update we mentioned that Simon had stepped into the role of Interim Pastor at Narellan Community Congregational Church. This was meant to be a 6 month position, but as we settled in the work and the community we felt a sense that God wanted us to be there longer term. When we first left Camden Uniting and took the step of faith to follow Gods plan, God was teaching us to trust Him – even when we didn’t understand everything. Staying on at NCCC was a surprise – it was not our original intention or expectation, but we can see the threads of grace pulling us along, and HIS purpose falling into place. Simon was appointed as the Pastor at NCCC, and we are seeing God’s blessing in the church, in the new friendships and our own lives. Obviously this means that our church planting plans are on hold for the time being. However, our heart for the people moving into Sydney’s South West growth sector remains. NCCC is uniquely positioned to reach out to these new communities and there may be opportunities to plant new churches in the future.

We are SO thankful for the people who journeyed closely with us in our early plans. You made our lives rich with hope and faith! We are not completely aware of all the reasons why we did not receive God’s “yes” upon our plans, but are choosing to let Him direct our path – and hold our own desires with an open hand. Trusting God completely means letting go of our own expectations and following just the next steps that God reveals. My goodness – that’s real faith (and hard!) but we know that HIS ways are higher than our own.

If you are someone who has been following us and was interested in being a part of our church plant, we’d love to invite you to join us at a service at NCCC. 10:30am on Sunday mornings at 4/38 Exchange Parade, Smeaton Grange, (near Camden Valley Animal Hospital). You can find out what’s happening on our Facebook page . Our life has changed so much over the past year and a half. We have a new church, a new baby (Hi Ezra!! We are so so glad you are here, happy and healthy and 2 brothers who ADORE you!), a new house and new vision. If you had told us we would be here 2 years ago – we could not have conceived how all that change would have been possible! But praise God that He writes our story – we are looking forward to seeing His plan continue to unfold. To HIM be the glory.