How do you start a Church?

How do you start a church?

This is the question we’ve been living with for the last year. Hopefully this isn’t representative of our competency but rather our desire to build on the right foundation. There are a few different places you can start. We could start with an organisational structure or put out a theological viewpoint. We could run evangelistic programs and create in depth bible studies. All of these are great things and vital to the life and health of a church. But the starting point for us will be community.

Strong community will always at the very heart of a vibrant church. It helps scratch one of life’s great itches - our desire to be known. It’s our desire to create a community where everyone feels known. There are no entry requirements for this community! Our hope is that it would be a place where you can belong regardless of what you believe. A place where people can ask questions and have doubts. I have come to a point in my life where I don’t feel the need to prove to people that God exists. Rather, I feel compelled to create a community that oozes the love of God and the reality of his kingdom through the way we treat each other, that we might live well together in the tension of our differences. We desire to create a community that declares the greatness of God, by honouring him through our actions and words and our willingness to be peacemakers.

Ultimately our desire is to create a church where you don’t have to fight for an invitation to join us the table. Instead you would find that the place was already set.

This Sunday we start to build that community and we want you to know that all are welcome! YOU are welcome. The invitation comes with no need for commitment but a desire to connect. We would love for you to join us as we begin this great adventure.

167 Cobbitty Rd, Cobbitty. 3:30pm, Sunday, 28/1/18.

Hope to see you there.