Good News For Everyone

“Do not be afraid. I bring to you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.” Luke 2:10-11

Imagine being bold enough to claim that you had good news for everyone. With so many people, from so many different backgrounds –different genders, race, religion, experiences and purposes. How much news is out there that could possibly be good news for everyone?

Yet the angel declared confidently that the birth of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus, was good news for everyone. The angels were so excited they burst onto the scene and into song declaring the greatness of God, because this news was so incredibly good that they couldn’t help but sing about it.

If I had to describe 2017 in one word it would be “polarising”. Are you on the left or the right? Liberal or conservative? Whose side are you on? Are you for us or against us? Rather than trying to understand each other we’ve been picking a side and joining the fight. We live in divisive times.

But the angel stated so clearly that the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ was for everyone. No matter what your race, gender, religion, sexuality, socio - economic status, the birth of Jesus Christ is good news for you. He came as our Messiah to say “I know, this world is not good enough. I have something better for you, come follow me and I’ll show you”.

It’s good news because it means we don’t have to be ok with the pain and the suffering of this world! Jesus offers more, and he offers it to everyone. It’s good news because through His life and death Jesus declares He loves us. Each and everyone of us. This is good news for everyone.

If you’re a Christian, lets make sure we show through our speech and actions that the birth of Jesus is good news for everyone. If you don’t know Jesus, I encourage you to take some time out this Christmas to try and discover how Jesus’ birth could possibly be good news for you. I’m sure you’ll be changed.

Merry Christmas.